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Marine Vessel Storage


Whether you need long or short term storage to do repairs on your marine vessel in northern Queensland, Norship Port Hinchinbrook in Cardwell has well equipped facilities with everything you could need for the job. With 6 maintenance berths available, conducting external maintenance work on your ship, using pontoons for access, is a breeze. We can provide single and 3-phase power, as well as water supply, to support your maintenance work. The expert staff at Norship Port Hinchinbrook is available onsite to provide advice or guidance as required.
Ship Repair — Marine vessel in Cardwell QLD
Norship Port Hinchinbrook can accommodate overnight berthing, some of our clients leave their ships in berth for weeks at a time. Upon request, we can provide maintenance, repair, and stocking services while your vessel is stored with us. Berthing also allows owners to leave their vessel in storage while on holiday or while it’s not on the water for any reason. Overnight lodging on the ship while in berth can also be accommodated, ask us about the crew amenities available such as showers, toilets, and lunchroom facilities.

Why waste time collecting equipment and supplies from several different suppliers when you can get everything you need in the same location. Save time and money by choosing a maintenance berth with a ship’s chandlery on site. Our chandlery has an extensive inventory, and our staff is happy to order in anything you don’t see in stock. Make the most of your time on the water and let us take care of the rest. Contact our staff to check berth availability and to discuss your requirements for the vessel.
Located in the Port Hinchinbrook Marina, we are easily accessible by land or by water. If approaching by water, matching draft to tide size will allow easy access. After entry through the leads at Port Hinchinbrook, the Marina will be visible to your starboard. Do not turn into the Marina, travel up the main channel towards the refuelling dock until you reach the canal, visible to your port. Find us at the end of the canal. If approaching on land by Bruce Highway, we are just south of the town of Cardwell. Enter Port Hinchinbrook and continue to the end of Foxtail Avenue. Several buses service Port Hinchinbrook regularly every day, travelling north and south along the Bruce Highway from the Cardwell bus terminal.